Personal care and confidence is what separates Metro Spec from other area home inspectors. See what our clients are saying.

"Metro Spec is my preferred inspection company. Carl is easy to work with, thorough in his inspections, and always makes my clients feel at ease when reporting his conclusions. His reports are clear, concise, and easy to read. I look forward to working with Metro Spec for years to come!"

​​Chris Bauer, Realtor/Teamleader

Catalyst Real Estate

"If you are looking for a reliable, professional inspection company I would highly     recommend Metro Spec and Carl Nitsch. I have always enjoyed working with Carl and appreciate how he relays the inspection items to the customer in an easy non alarming manner.  I have had Metro Spec do the inspections on many of our Real Estate transactions and they have always gone very smooth. I will continue to use Metro Spec on my transactions in the future." 

JD Erb, Realtor/Teamleader

The ERB Group 

"I have used Carl for many years now as a Home Inspector and will for many years to come. He is great explaining things about the Home My Clients are about to purchase. I like knowing he has a construction back ground to best serve the Clients. Plus as a real estate agent always on the go he is very responsive to the scheduling times that will work for The transaction." 
Adam Briley, Realtor/Teamleader
Briley Homes

"I have worked with Carl as an inspector for going on 4 years now. For me, the two most important things in a home inspector, are knowledge of what he is inspecting, and the ability to build rapport with the clients. Carl has been able to do both for me in the past and continues to do so today.  He is incredibly thorough when doing an inspection, but is not an alarmist, he understands the importance of sharing with a client what is wrong with a property, but also explaining that most properties have these same issues, with just some minor fixes most can be fixed. Carl has awesome rapport with clients of all ages, and can find out what is most important about a property to each client he works with and focuses in on that area. I have never had any doubts with Carl, his work ethic, or his ability to make sure my clients are buying a very sound, stable and safe home."

Micheal Maley, Realtor



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